Sleep Sound with the Sound of White Noise

Hey y'all,

So has anyone else ever been shamed by a really cool electronic device?...  No. Just me. Oh okay then. 

So now to the actual story...
Sleep Sound Giveaway 
I received this super cool little speaker doodad, at least that's all I knew of it at first. Once I looked further into it, you know and read the information about it, I realized it was a sound machine. More accurately, it was a white noise machine. I figured the white noise would help the babies sleep more sound and relax the fight against sleep.

Well I decided I was going to test it. Now here is where the shame came in. I could not for the life of me figure out how to turn it on even after charging it. Well Z showed me it was definitely user area. In under 30 seconds, he had turned it on and figured out how to make it make different sounds. So me being the person I am played with it until I figured out it was just the push of a button or two BUT clearly after he was asleep. I shan't be shamed in front of the children. After that first night of me figuring it out, he took it to bed with him every night to go along with his night light. The combination seemed to soothe him into an easy and peaceful sleep. I love it and he loved it as well. For us, it became a total keeper and nighttime routine.

What the Manufacturer's Say About It...

Sleep Sound GiveawayLectroFan micro is a premium portable sound machine for sleep, relaxation, studying and conversation privacy. It is also wireless, portable Bluetooth speaker system that connects to a smartphone, tablet, computer or any other compatible Bluetooth device. LectroFan micro is the perfect travel size product to accompany the original full sized LectroFan sound machine. Leave your original LectroFan as a permanent fixture in rooms, but take the compact micro with you around the house and while traveling. The unique swivel mounting design of the speaker lets it be pointed in any direction with a simple twist. The duel use of the micro will make it a must take device for all your adventures.
The LectroFan micro is a compact portable white noise and sound machine that offers many uses from privacy to a good night’s sleep for all ages. The micro has 10 unique non looping sounds including five different fan sounds, four white noises, and an ocean sound story. The sounds can be personalized with the ability to precisely select the volume from a whisper to significantly louder than a mechanical fan. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 16 hours while playing its built-in sounds and 6 hours while streaming audio via Bluetooth. Find the right combination of sound and volume for your best night’s sleep.

How the LectroFan Micro Works
The LectroFan micro has the power to give you a peaceful environment when bothered by loud disturbances. Fan sounds and white noise mask unwanted noises by making sudden changes in ambient noise much less noticeable as depicted in the chart above. Scroll through the sounds to find the setting that is the most pleasing to you. Then, adjust the volume to the level that masks the particular disturbance. Swivel the speaker to direct the audio to your needs.

Sleep Sound Giveaway

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