HappiSnappi Review & Giveaway

HappiSnappi Hair Accessories

Happi SnappiSo, I received an awesome package for review from the wonderful people at HappiSnappi. They even offered to sponsor a giveaway for you guys. You'll find the entry form below.

This is part of our Holiday Gift Guide Series. It is not only a great Stocking Stuffer but an adorable gift with a cause. Now on to this review...

The package I received for review had a variety of their accessories and embellishments included. My favorite so far are the Elastic Headbands. They come in sets of 3 headbands only without any embellishments. They range in price from 6.95-7.95. The headbands do not seem to catch or grab your hair whether its fine or kinky curly. They also have amazing stretch. They fit my 2 year old niece as well as her fully grown momma. So this is a great mix and match accessory for every fashionista in the house.

My other favorite feature are the embellishments. They allow you to customize any base sold by HappiSnappi. The embellishments come in a variety of materials. They come in crotchet, chiffon and even shabbies.

I think the best holiday/gift purchase would be one of the kits or hats. Both of these options allow your little fashionista to have a base or bases and embellishments. If you purchase the hat, every one you buy gets one donated to a children's hospital. All other purchases have 30% of their proceeds donated. So you are getting super cute accessories plus you are helping others.

Buy a Hat. Give a Hat

About the company

Child therapist and designer, Karlee Ohm came up with the idea to develop HappiSnappi after seeing her daughter Peyton, then 4, taping buttons and dried flowers to her accessories and clothes. It was a great way to not only help young girls use their everyday style choices as a way to teach them confidence and independence, but also raise awareness about childhood cancer. The two are dedicated to bringing value to the world. Peyton has an active role in the designing process and helps her mom source new products based on what she and her friends like. Peyton is a fashion lover and has modeled in Ralph Lauren, Gymboree, Target, Walmart and more. She even has her own YouTube channel where she talks about HappiSnappi, reviews toys, dances and does DIY clips.

Have fun entering over 100 giveaways and may your holidays be merry and bright!
1. (Host) The Kids Did It - $250 Grand Prize Package  38. Confessions of a Frugal Mind - US  75. Java John Z's - US  
2. (Host) The Mommy Island - $125 Grand Prize Package - US   39. Broken Teepee - US  76. Babs Projects - WW  
3. (VIP) Still Blonde After All These YEARS - $180 My Flip Frame - US  40. Mom To Grandma - US  77. Luv Saving Money - US  
4. (VIP) Life of a Southern Mom - $10 Amazon GC - WW  41. Maman Loup's Den - US/CAN  78. Aging Like a Fine Wine - US  
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Disclaimer: This post may include affiliate and/or referral links. It may also include items received for review in exchange or my honest unbiased opinion. All reviews and opinions are 100% my own and unbiased.

Adapting to a New Sibling

Adapting to a New Sibling

It's no secret that it's sometimes hard to adapt to a new sibling, especially when your other children are younger. Consider the following three tips when helping your kids get to know their new brother or sister. The process may be easier than you think!

Stay Consistent
Of course, you can’t expect a newborn to follow the same rules that you put in place for your other children. Still, it's best to treat your kids equally whenever possible. 

adapting to a new sibling
Z and Zsquared
For example, if you bring along an extra bottle or jar of baby food on your next outing, bring a snack for your older child or children so they can all eat together. Your older child may get upset if they feel like they’re being treated unfairly. But, make sure that they understand that the rules can’t always be the same and that they still need to follow the rules even if they don’t seem fair.

Keep Old Routines Around
When a new sibling comes into the household, your older children may be worried that their lives aren’t going to be the same. Try to keep as many of your family routines the same as you can. 

If your family usually eats together at the dinner table or gets up early to watch cartoons on Saturday morning, keep up the tradition once the new baby arrives. This will let them know that the things that they enjoy aren’t going to go away just because there’s a new member of the family.

Encourage Older Siblings to Help Out
Often times, older brothers and sisters love “helping” out with a new baby. Whether it’s bringing you the diaper bag when it’s changing time or helping you to tuck the baby in at night, getting your older kids involved is a great way to make them feel included and appreciated. Not only will it help bring them closer to the new baby, it will also help them feel closer to you. 

This is just three easy ways to help your other kids get used to their new sibling. As you can see, they're all easy to put into place and don't cost a thing. Remember, with a little patience and a lot of love, you're kids will be best friends before you know it!

Disclaimer: This post may include affiliate and/or referral links. It may also include items received for review in exchange or my honest unbiased opinion. All reviews and opinions are 100% my own and unbiased.

Ways to help with a new baby

Ways to Help with a New Baby

There are many ways to help with a new baby. You can rest assured that most parents appreciate even the smallest of gestures when it comes to an offer of assistance. So, why not make mom or dad's day? Follow through on any of these thoughtful suggestions. They're both easy to initiate and won't break the bank.

Don't Visit Empty-Handed
If your finances allow, never visit empty-handed. Gift mom or dad with something for the baby they really need. Yes, little outfits are adorable. But, they aren't as practical as a package of diapers or a few days worth of formula. Am I right?

On a smaller scale, consider bringing baby wipes instead. Wipes are obviously WAY less expensive than diapers and are uber-handy... in the nursery and all over the house.

Make Nap Time Possible
It's certainly no secret that the art of parenting is a joyous but tiring task. That being said, probably one of the best things you can do for your favorite new mom (or dad) is to give them the luxury of taking a well-deserved nap.
Give your friend or family member a "heads up" that you're on your way over specifically to babysit. Sometimes, just showing up at the door and announcing your intent will result in the the person insisting that no nap is needed.
Provide Meals or Cleaning Services
There aren't very many parents who wouldn't appreciate a home-cooked meal or a clean house. If you decide to prepare a meal or two, make sure to ask about any food sensitivities beforehand. They'll appreciate the gesture even further, if you include paper plates and plastic silverware. Less dishes to wash.

There are lots of ways to help with a new baby. These are just three of them. Just lending a listening ear is highly appreciated too. Remember, there's no need to spend money to be of assistance.

Disclaimer: This post may include affiliate and/or referral links. It may also include items received for review in exchange or my honest unbiased opinion. All reviews and opinions are 100% my own and unbiased.