Adapting to a New Sibling

Adapting to a New Sibling

It's no secret that it's sometimes hard to adapt to a new sibling, especially when your other children are younger. Consider the following three tips when helping your kids get to know their new brother or sister. The process may be easier than you think!

Stay Consistent
Of course, you can’t expect a newborn to follow the same rules that you put in place for your other children. Still, it's best to treat your kids equally whenever possible. 

adapting to a new sibling
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For example, if you bring along an extra bottle or jar of baby food on your next outing, bring a snack for your older child or children so they can all eat together. Your older child may get upset if they feel like they’re being treated unfairly. But, make sure that they understand that the rules can’t always be the same and that they still need to follow the rules even if they don’t seem fair.

Keep Old Routines Around
When a new sibling comes into the household, your older children may be worried that their lives aren’t going to be the same. Try to keep as many of your family routines the same as you can. 

If your family usually eats together at the dinner table or gets up early to watch cartoons on Saturday morning, keep up the tradition once the new baby arrives. This will let them know that the things that they enjoy aren’t going to go away just because there’s a new member of the family.

Encourage Older Siblings to Help Out
Often times, older brothers and sisters love “helping” out with a new baby. Whether it’s bringing you the diaper bag when it’s changing time or helping you to tuck the baby in at night, getting your older kids involved is a great way to make them feel included and appreciated. Not only will it help bring them closer to the new baby, it will also help them feel closer to you. 

This is just three easy ways to help your other kids get used to their new sibling. As you can see, they're all easy to put into place and don't cost a thing. Remember, with a little patience and a lot of love, you're kids will be best friends before you know it!

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