Expecting Number 2

I’m expecting my second baby!


Ever since my adolescent years or may be, even earlier, I have always believed that when you do or experience something for the very first time, it’s a very different feeling. It could be something as simple as going to school for the first time, topping your class, going on the first class-picnic, winning your first prize ever in any competition, your first outing with your friends only, your first date or even your first night with your dear hubby. Well, the ‘first time’ has its own charm, its own thrill and its own unmatched excitement. Can you really imagine the fun and the joyous feeling that a young lady experiences when she gets to know, for the first time ever, that soon, she’s going to be a mom? And her ‘on top of the world’ exhilaration in the delivery room when she hears, of course for the first time ever, that it’s a boy or a girl, a little angel?

From the time a girl gets to know for the first time that she’s pregnant, she starts living in her own world of fantasies, her own dream-world. Every day brings a new hope, a new excitement, a new thrill and a new expectation. She does not only undergo a physical change with every passing day, she also grows mentally, emotionally, psychologically and also spiritually. She’s a different person every day, a more evolved individual. And at that, a more lovable person too!

Motherhood brings with it a lot of new challenges. So much more to learn!

I didn’t, for example know one bit about a lot of things which I learnt after the arrival of my first son Z who is 6 years of age now. Breast-feeding the baby came naturally. Changing the diaper required a lot of practice. Wake-up calls in the middle of the night were on expected lines. His smiles and a little later, his giggles truly made my day. Watching my son grow and change on a day to day basis was a treat.

And now, let me share something with you. I’m expecting my second son to arrive soon. And believe me, what I am feeling and going through every passing day is as if this is ‘my first time’. I am getting the same goose-bumps. The anxiety is exactly the same. And of course, now I have my son Z by my side to share all my excitement with! 

Z's mommy