Yesterday's experience with a KFC/Taco Bell

Well the whole situation started with a 20-30 minute wait in the drive thru. I wasn't feeling well so we chose not to go any farther. The location is a KFC/Taco Bell hybrid. I wanted Taco Bell. After waiting in this long line, we were informed that they were no longer serving Taco Bell. This was at least an hour before they were scheduled to close. So I acquiesced and decided to have KFC. No big deal really but my mouth was setup for Taco Bell. Well the first thing I tried to order was a 2 piece (breast/wing) meal. I say tried because I was immediately told they were out of white pieces of chicken. So I decided to go with the 2 piece $5 fill up box. When I stated that I wanted extra crispy chicken, I was again told they were out and that original was my only option. So I agreed to this. After placing my order and thinking there would be no further issues, we pulled up to the window only to be informed of their lack of mashed potatoes. I was then given the option of coleslaw, which I personally detest, or potato wedges. I chose the wedges. When our order was given to us the food was just barely hot. My Dr. Pepper also tastes astonishingly like Diet Pepsi. After all this, we had to request a receipt which was answered by an exasperated sigh. When the young man finally gave us the receipt, he had torn it in half removing any information for doing the survey or customer service. 

~Z's Mommy