Dispenserless Tape Review

I am one of those people who are perpetually looking for the tape that is in the tape dispenser to tape things up, but I always end up resorting to a roll without the dispenser. This leads me to either having to find scissors or bite through tape. I don't know about you but I'm just not fond of he flavor of tape.Then entered Dispenserless Tape.

I am so glad I found this tape. I no longer have to scrape at the tape to get it to lift or unfurl. I no longer have to search for scissors or bite through the tape. Most importantly I no longer am forced to have tape appetizers when I have lot of boxes to ship. I am one happy camper just for that.

So how does it work... This roll of tape is superb. Every 12" you will find a black oval. The oval is where you will find a perforation. It tears away easily into perfect 12" pieces of tape. The oval is also an area of non stickiness, this allows the tape to easily be unfurled for the next usage.

I also realized I could use it for other purposes. I am an avid jewelry maker in my free time. (I'll show you all some pictures one day.) Anyway, so I thought to myself, this tape would be perfect for those times when I spill little beads like seed beads. No more trying to vacuum or sweep up little beads. This could lower my overhead when using those tiny but cute little buggers.

Simply wrap a piece around your hand sticky side out. Then press down on the areas of loose beads. Keep at it until you've got them all.

Whether you need it for shipping or for catching run away beads, you can find it sold here. You get 55 yards of tape for only $10.82.

Z's Mommy

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