Writing with Z

Hey guys.

Z and I have been offered the opportunity to test out a handwriting software. I am super excited about it, because I want him to be able to write legibly by the time Kindergrten starts in August. Woo Hoo!!!! From browsing the company's site, I can already tell this is going to work out pretty darn good.

Z is a total left hander. This makes it a bit more difficult for me because I'm right handed. This is another reason I am excited about the software. It takes some of the stress off me. We took it for a test run yesterday. Let me tell you, he got super pumped to see just his name on the sheet.

A little about the product...
It is a downloadable software by StartWrite. You install it and it allows you to create your own personalized handwriting sheets. You can Download Demo here. It will allow you to test it for yourself.

Now to the final business at hand...
One lucky reader will win a full version of the software to test with Z and I. Enter below.

Start Write 6.0 Handwriting Software

Try it with us.
Z's Mommy