Welcome 2015

Hey y'all. Happy new year.

I know we've been in 2015 for 10 days, now. I'm finally getting a chance to get back to you all. Let's recap the last 10 or so days. New Year's Day was lackluster at best. We did the usual sit, eat, and watch television. Boring, I know. After that, we have made vegan cupcakes, enchiladas, and gumbo just to name a few things. Aside from all the cooking, z started back to school on Tuesday. Yay!!! Mommy's free during the days again. I'm preparing to start a healthier lifestyle so I have more energy and shed some unwanted pounds. I've also received lots of products to review during this change. I will tell you about them as I try them. I've also received a few cool items for giveaways. So stay tuned for those. That kinda sums up what's been going on around here. 

Z's Mommy