Off the spoon for Baby A

So Baby A is an exclusively breastfed baby. She has recently been showing signs of being ready for baby food so we gave it a try. We started with oatmeal mixed with breastmilk. We tried with water first. She did not approve of that at all. She ate it up when we mixed it with the breastmilk. 

As you can see, this was an impromptu feeding and all we had were plastic spoons. We went and bought infant spoons the very next day. She eats oatmeal at least once a day now. We have also started adding some banana or applesauce to it. She absolutely loves that. Applesauce is her favorite. 

She is a happy chunky faced baby. It was apparently good to the last bit. She ate it off her fingers. 

The cues we noticed as far as her being ready for baby food were as follows:
-tracking other people's food
-making chewing motions with her mouth
-trying to feed herself your food

Z's Mommy